Inadequacies in health system infrastructure limit access to health care and contribute to poor quality of care outcomes. Drawing on experience gained from our in-house experts who consist of health planners, architects, equipment planners and procurement specialists, IHUSA provides the full range of planning and modelling services needed for successful, resource-efficient Health Infrastructure Development.

  • Feasibility studies, business and master planning
  • Functional & concept / preliminary design
  • Management of construction / rehabilitation / extension and modernization projects,
  • Planning and procurement of equipment
  • Development and implementation of maintenance concepts and systems, and management of the facility.


Health system reform is a prerequisite to achieving sustained and better health outcomes. IHUSA’s focus of work mirrors the Health Systems Strengthening functions. Our comparative advantage in HSS work stems from our unique combination of in-house technical capacity maintaining expertise across the health system functions, promotion of local solutions and strong evidence-based approach.

  • In summary, our work involves: Assisting with the conceptualisation, operational planning and implementation of health sector reform (HSR) programs
  • Contribute to the development and implementation of sustainable financing models (health insurances) and outcome-oriented provider payment schemes
  • Institutional Capacity Building and Development of Human Resources for the Health Sector
  • Support integrated approaches to health financing including standardised Insurance and Provider Payment Schemes, government regulations and budgeting mechanisms.
  • Support in regularizing the development of private (for profit and not-for-profit) health care providers and to establish public-private partnerships (PPPs) in the health sector
  • Support the development and implementation of policies and strategies aiming at decentralized health service administration and management
  • Assisting governments in conceptualization, planning, operationalizing, monitoring and evaluating health sector reform programs


: Hospital systems and other healthcare providers strive to maintain strong credit ratings and to have a capital structure that allows them to implement their strategic initiatives and respond to changing risks to their operations. Our network offers a broad range of resources and experience to help clients throughout the world identify and raise capital in a manner most favorable to the entity. IHUSA assists in analyzing, mitigating and disclosing risks presented by increasingly complex and rapidly changing healthcare funding and regulatory regimes and financing structures. Our team also performs “due diligence” associated with healthcare finance transactions. MEDICAL RESEARCH: The IHUSA network includes leading investment funds that invests in early stage development and commercialization opportunities of innovative medical technologies. We provide clients with access to risk-tolerant investment capital to support the development of promising technologies. In addition, IHUSA helps clients navigate and capitalize upon government granting opportunities. Our comprehensive services provide opportunities to drive collaboration between government, investor, and philanthropy, using government funding to amplify the impact of private sector funding for medical research and vice-versa.


Even where health systems are well developed and resourced, quality remains a serious concern with expected outcomes not predictably achieved and with wide variation in standards of health-care delivery. IHUSA’s work centers on improving access to effective and high-quality health services (in both public and private sector services).

  • Our work in Health Services involves: Assisting with the development and implementation of Quality Management Systems including certification / licensing and accreditation systems
  • Strengthen effective coordination and cooperation between primary and referral (secondary and tertiary) levels of health care including rehabilitation
  • Support the development and implementation of policies and strategies to promote health and to strengthen the prevention of both communicable and non-communicable diseases
  • Reinforcing Human Resources for Health management (Continuous Medical / Professional Education, Career Development, International Exchange programs, etc.)


Information Systems are central to achieving better health outcomes, greater transparency and accountability by increasing access to quality information. IHUSA works in partnership with national partners to build capacity to generate, manage, and use health information at both national and decentralized levels.

  • IHUSA works with different countries at their specific levels in the following areas: Supporting the development and implementation of Health Management Information Systems at central (national), regional / provincial, local (district), facility, and service levels
  • Promoting Electronic Patient Records (EPR) as key tool for data, information, and process management in clinical care and core element of a future electronic health record
  • Fostering the integration of e-health solutions, e.g. e-learning, telemedicine, web based health information, Call/Recall Systems etc. into the health care system.
  • Introducing systematic performance monitoring and evaluation of health services at facility, local, regional and national levels and analyse and evaluate achievements and trends.


IHUSA provides strategic advice on clinical development. Our advisors and specialists in clinical development, early phase development, regulatory affairs, and medical experts in a broad range of therapeutic indications support our customers in their clinical development planning and implementation. IHUSA executives and advisors have extensive experience in managing all aspects of international clinical trials from Phase I through to Phase IV (post launch) and non-intervention studies (NIS). At IHUSA we strive to ensure costs are kept within the budget using our in-depth knowledge of international and local regulatory requirements and our network of global investigators to ensure that the trial objectives will be met on time. Good patient outcomes are the top priority at IHUSA. With our regional and global insight, knowledge of special start-up study teams and strong recruitment strategy, we can make a difference. The IHUSA clinical advisory team works as an extension of our customer’s team ensuring quicker start-up times, high quality data, with efficient delivery throughout the project. Our target in clinical operations is to reach our customers’ goals in smooth study conduct starting from investigational site identification and timely subject recruitment to monitoring and data cleaning. Our services include:

  • Scientific advice
  • Product development consulting
  • Proof of concept
  • Protocol design
  • Regulatory affairs strategy
  • Preparation and submission of CTA/ITA, IND, PMA/510(k)
  • Interaction with regulatory agencies world-wide
  • Orphan Drug Designations
  • Pediatric Investigational Plans (PIPs)
  • Global feasibility studies
  • Medical and scientific affairs
  • Global project management
  • Investigator recruitment and site management
  • Investigator site start up and grant payments
  • Contract management
  • Patient recruitment services
  • Clinical monitoring
  • Medical monitoring
  • Global QA and compliance


Through our various education programs, outreach projects and partnerships, IHUSA is working to expand disease prevention and health promotion tacross the globe through a broad range services. Preventive education on topics such as communicable disease, substance abuse, healthful eating habits, dental hygiene, exercise, and domestic violence are mainstays of these programs, as are the promotion of routine screening tests for cancer, hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, and other ailments. Clinical Education: We are committed to professional growth and development, enabling healthcare workers to offer more efficient, culturally effective services to communities in need. Community Health Education: The goal of our Community Health Education Programs is to reduce health disparities in areas of need. Community Health education is key to improving health conditions in the economically disadvantaged areas where we are working. The programs are committed to giving families the necessary information to live healthier, more productive lives by offering a variety of educational opportunities.


A central focus of IHUSA’s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan is providing humanitarian assistance and disaster relief to communities around the world. Through our direct relationships with various governments and international medical groups overseeing and responding to humanitarian disasters, IHUSA works with leading international humanitarian organizations to source required emergency aid. Our two-phase approach begins by immediately responding to needs with emergency medical support including delivering supplies, medicines and aligning volunteer medical help following disasters. We then transition relief efforts into longterm health programs that address gaps in depleted and damaged medical systems and provide sustainable solutions for the affected communities.